Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (2023)

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We’re a few weeks into the 4th season of Overwatch 2, and that means that there’s still a lot of time to rack up wins and increase your rank in competitive mode.

If not, then you might want to win more games to plow through the battle pass.

I’ve been focusing on improving my Damage role’s rank throughout the season. There were a few struggles because I’m mostly the main tank.

However, things were a lot easier when I got to using some Damage heroes in the meta right now.

Would you believe that I was able to get to Platinum 4 from Bronze 4 in just two weeks? If you want to rank up just like me, then you should master these Damage heroes first.

Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (1)


The cover character of Overwatch 2 is always going to be a part of the meta. She can pick off supports from behind and gets out of trouble in a split second.

I’ve had a tough time mastering Tracer before but all the trouble was worth it once I get used to using her.

Tracer’s entire kit relies heavily on her Blink ability. It lets her dash small distances. She can use

it to escape trouble but most importantly, she can use it to get behind enemy lines to deal with

the Support characters.

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The problem is that Tracer’s Blink only has three charges and it takes a few seconds to recharge them. I make it a must to always leave at least one Blink charge so I can get out of

trouble when things get too hectic.

Tracer’s Recall lets her go back in time for a few seconds – healing her and removing any

debuffs along the way. As Tracer has a very low HP, her Recall ability is a good way to give her survivability.

Aside from healing Tracer, I also use Recall to get out of trouble. Since Tracer’s ultimate ability charges quickly, you can use Pulse Bomb a considerable amount of time given that you deal damage constantly.

When using Pulse Bomb, try to throw it at either the Support or the Tank. The Pulse Bomb can instantly wipe out the enemy team.

You can partner Tracer’s Blink with her Pulse Bomb so you can get up close and personal when using her ultimate ability. Pulse Bomb can stick to surfaces and even on enemies so make it count.

Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (3)

Counter Heroes for Tracer

  • Reaper – While Reaper’s guns have a slow rate of fire, they still deal a heavy amount of damage. Tracer can die from a well-placed shot or two from Reaper.
  • Sombra – Tracer’s Blink and Recall are the bread and butter of her kit. Once Sombra hacks her and takes these out, Tracer’s as good as gone.
  • Moira – Even when Tracer Blinks around Moira, she can still die quickly. As a general rule of thumb, I don’t use Tracer when the enemy team has an auto-lock attacking hero like Moira.
  • Winston – Like Moira, Winston’s attack automatically latches onto enemies so Tracer’s Blink is useless here.
  • Pharah – Tracer’s guns are best used at close range so she’s useless against Pharah when she’s flying around.
Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (4)


Sojourn is the latest Damage hero to be added to Overwatch 2 but that doesn’t make her inferior to anyone else.

In fact, I think she’s one of the highest damage dealers in the game but admittedly, it takes a lot of skill and practice to make Sojourn’s kit work.

Sojourn’s Railgun is a very powerful weapon. If you hit enemies with its basic attack, you can use a single-shot laser that can leave enemies to an inch of their life.

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It’s very easy to deal chunks of damage even against the most durable Tanks in the game.

With her Power Slide ability, Sojourn can get to the high ground, chase down enemies, and get out of trouble quickly. It’s a bit awkward to use Power Slide at first but I prefer using it as a means of escaping.

Disruptor Shot deals damage to enemies within an area. Most would use this ability to do just that but I use it for crowd control.

Since it deals a lot of damage over time, enemies will likely try to get away from Disruptor Shot so it’s suitable for contesting and capturing objectives.

Sojourn’s ultimate ability is Overclock. This allows her Railgun to fully charge up even when you’re not using primary fire.

When using Overclock, I try to get behind the enemies using Power Slide. From there, I’d use the Railgun’s alternate fire to kill the support heroes first.

Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (6)

Railgun can instantly kill most Support and Damage heroes at a full charge but they weakened the weapon so this isn’t possible anymore.

I suggest using a fully charged Railgun shot and then following up with regular shots to kill off enemies.

Counter Heroes for Sojourn

  • Tracer – Her ability to get in and out quickly makes her a handful for a hero like Sojourn.
  • Zarya – Zarya thrives against heroes that have high damage output. If you don’t have good control over your gun with Sojourn, you could only end up feeding Zarya’s barrier.
  • Winston – Sojourn has trouble with most tanks but Winston will give her the most issues. Winston won’t just withstand Sojourn’s shots, he can also chase her down when needed.
  • Widowmaker – Sojourn can die from a single hit against Windowmaker. I’ve found myself struggling to kill Widowmaker because of the Railgun’s limited range.


Since launching a few years back, Ashe has been the go-to Damage hero of the pros mainly because of her versatility.

She’s dangerous from close distances and afar, she can heavily damage a group of enemies, and she’s perfect for offensive and defensive tactics too.

The star of Ashe’s kit is her weapon – The Viper. It acts as a close-ranged rifle that can deal decent damage up close. The Viper can also turn into a semi-sniper if you raise Ashe’s sights.

I use Ashe’s sniper mode and just shift to close-ranged fighting if the enemies get too close. The Viper isn’t as strong as other snipers in the game but it can still take out Support and Damage heroes in 2-3 hits.

Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (7)

Her Coach Gun ability adds mobility to Ashe while making sure that she can push away heroes that deal high damage at close range as well. I use the Coach Gun to get to high ground quickly.

Dynamite is great at damaging enemies in an area but I mainly use it as crowd control. Onesies our enemies see the dynamite, they’ll likely scatter away.

Ashe’s ultimate ability is BOB. This lets her summon her Omnic butler to do massive damage to the enemy team. If you throw it right and an enemy gets in BOB’s way, the butler will fling that enemy upwards and you’ll have the chance to deal damage to them.

BOB can also be used to contest points which makes it one of the best ultimate abilities in the game. Partner BOB with Ana’s Nano-Boost and you can easily wipe out the rest of the enemy team.

Counter Heroes for Ashe

  • Widowmaker – Ashe’s biggest weakness is full snipe heroes so Widowmaker is going to give her a lot of trouble.
  • Hanzo – Like Widowmaker, Hanzo has better range and higher damage as a sniper against Ashe so you can get killed easily when fighting him.
  • Genji – Even with Coach Gun, Genji can easily go after Ashe. If going against an enemy Genji, it’s best to keep a safe distance and avoid having Dynamite deflected too.
  • Brigitte – With her shield, it’s easy for Brigitte to get near Ashe and deal damage to her. Brigitte can also block out the damage caused by Ashe’s Dynamite.
  • Reaper – Reaper is great at taking down heroes in the backline. When I go up against an enemy Reaper, I try to listen closely so that I know when he’s teleporting behind me.
Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (8)
Best Damage Heroes in Overwatch 2 (9)

The Best Damage Heroes In Overwatch 2

Tracer, Sojourn, and Ashe are the best damage heroes in Overwatch 2 right now.

While I recommend using heroes that you know better, it’s going to be worth it mastering these metacharacters as their kits can turn the game around.

Who’s your go-to hero? Comment below!

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